First of all, we would like to apologize for contacting you through this way.
My name is Francisco. Me and my friend and partner David are creators of a worldwide project that soon will become part of the lifes of many artists.
This information is a preview of the launch of a platform with the goal of Connecting, Centralising, Linking and Globalising all artistic movements of our planet.
Taking into account all the problems that artists must face when they need to spread their art, joined to a lack of support, the fact that they do not have a space dedicated exclusively to them and the little value that their creative efforts receive, the current outlook for the beginners is not easy.
That is why we have created WISHARS, the first social network for artists that will not be a simple shop window.
Here you will be able to view a platform where you can spread, show and sell all your creations all over the world. You will be able to be included in the first worldwide search engine of artists with the goal of being hired by companies for different events or by individuals. You will be able to interact with other artists and supporters, creating an artistic curriculo where you can show to others how you elaborate or prepare your creations (master class), getting a source of income for doing that.
Not only artists will have a space in this platform, managers, producers, sponsors, critics as well as everyone related with Art and Culture will have here their home, their Universe.
All of this and much more will be possible with WISHARS.
We are here only for artists and that is why we have contacted one by one with millions of people. It has been a low process but it has been also stimulating. A personalized treatment is the only way to get all the people in the world.
WISHARS will be working at the beginning of this year 2016. If you think that this information can be useful for you or if you want to know some more about it or about our advances, we have created a Closed Group in Facebook so that we can located in the same place all the artists who can be interested in being part of WISHARS. That way we will be able to inform them about our start up. From that Group every work of every artist can be uploaded.

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